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Barcelona Blog

It can all be a little overwhelming, the city may not be huge but the culture, activities, events, eateries etc. is vast. So we have taken it upon ourselves to amalgamate our local 12 years experience in the city via our blog. Whether you are planning on coming over for the festivals, want to find out vegan eats or general insider information, we will keep you in the loop.

What's On


48 Open House BCN

48h Open House BCN is now in it’s fifth year, and allows visitors to get the chance to take a look inside more than 150 buildings around Barcelona city. It is part of the worldwide Open House initiative, which promotes outstanding architecture for all to experience and to encourage dialogue about urban space in general. On the 25 and 26 October, where apartments, former factories, libraries, hotels, private homes and more, open their doors.

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Open Air Festival Barcelona

This Saturday sees yet another edition of Open Air Festival and happens to be located at Plaza Universidad, just by our central apartments. Open Air is an outdoor festival of music, design and art. Initiative and production Mutual (Event production and Art Center), with the collaboration of Laboor (Design and Infrastructure) and support from the University of Barcelona, this time.

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Discover Manuel Raspall’s Palau Mornau

Modernista architect Manuel Raspall was responsible for more than 700 projects around Spain. Raspall also acted as developer, as was the municipal architect Ametlla, La Garriga, Caldes de Montbui and Granollers in a period of growth that forced these municipalities to develop an effective urban planning until the 80s.  El Molino, La Monumental and Palau Mornau are just some of his works.

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Exhibit from Gabriel Perez Raventos


Virutas, by Gabriel Pérez Raventós

This Friday sees the opening of contemporary exhibition “Virutas” (Chips) by the works of illustrator and painter Gabriel Pérez Raventós,  showcasing pieces that evolved organically by mixing wood and unusual materials. As a former carpenter, the texture, form and nature of a material is key to Raventos work, as he finds different and creative ways to mould them into works of art. There are no preconceived ideas, great plan or agenda.

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Ral Huerta Barcelona


Exhibition – Naked Under Skin

This exhibition presents a series of intimate portraits where the artists draws faces and then breaks them down to reveal the true self. This distorted reality gets to the core an individual, without vanity, shame, regret or anything else, there is no room for pretence. The images are very emotional and sensitive, elegantly capturing beauty and the works have all been created by artist Ral (Ral Huerta).

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Bread and Butter Barcelona


Bread and Butter Barcelona returns!

We are happy to hear that the ever-popular fashion tradeshow Bread & Butter will return to Barcelona city. The last show was back in 2009, which was a major blow to the city having been a host of the show since 2005. The Brandery emerged in it’s absence, but didn’t get the same response and international press and visitors as Bread & Butter.

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OPERAir Festival Barcelona

During the first week of August, Teatre Grec will host OPERAir Barcelona Festival provides a full production of Bizet’s world famous opera ‘Carmen’. Unlike the Grec festival that takes place every July, this will be one of the first open air opera festivals, which has already proven to be popular worldwide. The ‘Orquestra de Sant Cugat’ and ‘The Amics de Coro Terrassa’, will be performing and are sure to captivate the audience with a chilling and unforgettable performance.

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Sant Joan – snap, crackle and pop!

The Sant Joan festival otherwise known as the “Nit de Sant Joan” refers to  St John’s Night or St. John’s Eve. It marks the midsummers eve that takes place the evening of the 23rd June.  Midsummer solstice is a tradition from ancient times. The summer solstice was considered the most important event of the solar year in ancient times. Fire was celebrated on this day as the symbol of abundance, purity and fertility and up until now, it continues to be a central part of the festivities with fireworks and bonfires. Sant Joan is one of the most exciting, loudest and craziest events of the year and fireworks will be heard non-stop so brace yourselves. Other traditions include cocas, cava, water and fiesta, read below to find out why.

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Faces & Places exhibition at Mitte Barcelona

Mitte Barcelona inaugurates “Faces, Anatomy of Autonomy on Wednesday May 7, a collection of works by various artists exploring the stories behind the images and illusions in our perceptions and sense of self, led by British artist Lee Goater. The project started in 2011 and is a personal project of Goater’s, with him collaborating with Responsible Street for Sharing. Photographer Matteo Asroldi, design studio Hey Studio, the Atelier school, and Laboratory Slidemedia each present their work in different areas of Mitte. At the inauguration tomorrow, Slidemedia Lab will present their videosculpture mapping ” Pi ” based on the same irrationality of this number. On until May 30th.

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Post-Picasso – Contemporary Reactions exhibition

Ever wondered about the responses of contemporary artists to the life and work of Pablo Picasso himself? What they really think and feel about the works of Picasso? If so, this exhibition is for you, as it examine s these very responses, some of which are somewhat controversial. Curated by the acclaimed Dr Michael FitzGerald, the way in which Picasso is an influential figure and omitting contributor to contemporary art is explored, in addition to reinterpretations of the meanings of his key works are explored with 58 exhibits showcased.


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