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It can all be a little overwhelming, the city may not be huge but the culture, activities, events, eateries etc. is vast. So we have taken it upon ourselves to amalgamate our local 12 years experience in the city via our blog. Whether you are planning on coming over for the festivals, want to find out vegan eats or general insider information, we will keep you in the loop.

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Butifarring – new place in town for gourmet sandwiches

When walking around in Barcelona it isn’t hard to miss the surge of frankfurt places and hamburger joints (hamburgueserías) in the city. The average sausage place may not have had an ounce of cool factor when compared to its competitors but perhaps that is changing because  people tend to be partial for a sizzling sausage too. We recently wrote about Idò DO Balear, where you can buy succulent types from the Balearic islands and they are also popular during the calçotada season.

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Beyond the rabbit food – vegetarian options in Barcelona

Let’s be honest, we don’t all like salads. Even the ones that do, often desire something a little creative every so often when selecting a healthy vegetarian option eating out. Believe it or not, even some of the team prefer to have an option rather than meat from time to time. More and more places are offering tasty salads with interesting ingredients and creative tapas. Here we have selected a few places that offer alternative vegetarian options other than your usual onion and goat cheese tart.

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Idò D.O. Balear – A Taste of the Balearic Islands

If you have a soft spot for savory panadas, ensaïmadas (from Mallorca) and other goodies from the Balearic islands, you will be pleased to hear about new deli / cafe / bakery Idò D.O. Balear. Either grab a quick bite to take, take a seat inside or stock up on deli items for you to prepare delicious dishes at home. Set up by three women, Idò originated from the strong desire to bring back that element of grandma’s traditional cooking.

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Creative Cooking at Saboc in El Born

Much has been said about up and coming bars and restaurant in the Born neighborhood of Barcelona. When we heard that Saboc restaurant offered a menu with food cooked at different temperatures, we knew we had to find out more. Especially as the people behind the scenes are the same owners from it’s previous spot Bestiari. Find out more in our brief interview below:

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Travel & Cake Barcelona, beyond the cupcake

Just when you thought portion sizes couldn’t get any bigger and there were more than enough pastisserias and cupcake places in the city, Travel & Cake landed. Unlike their other establishments (Cup&Cake and Brunch&Cake) that we previously blogged about, the offering here is a little more diverse. In the summer when owner Manex announced time out to travel and eat, not only were we a tad jealous but we also knew that something had to be up his sleeve. After salivating at the biscuits, cakes, puddings tarts and everything else that they lovingly shared on vimeo, we can now taste them (not all just yet) for ourselves. This location puts into practice what they learned on a recent inspirational trip to America in search of new flavors and recipes. See a few notes from Manex below:

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La Taqueria – The Mexican joint with tacos and tales

What do you get when you pair friendly and funny stuff with a small space and tasty tacos?  La Taqueria of course. This place does not fall short when you think of an authentic Mexican restaurant and it is located in the ever tourist laden part of Sagrada Familía. Just a few blocks away from vermut hotspot Casa Mariol, you can delve into some serious Mexican treats.

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Quality burgers at Oval Barcelona

Oval is what you get when you team gourmet burgers with upscale interior design. Sure there has been a re-emergence of burger joints in Barcelona, with the likes of Kiosko frequently packed with carnivores, but Oval does offer a different sensibility.The façade has an enigma to it, not only is it subtle but the little that is presented in terms of brand and design is done so neatly. There isn’t that typical diner culture with a mock jukebox at the front or lots of retro ideology at all, in fact the design studio Flexoarquitectura have created a space that resonates with construction.  The beams, exposed brick wall, mismatched chairs etc,  reflects a do-it-yourself vibe, and this philosophy also applies when ordering your burger.

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Vermut – the aperitif in Barcelona

The once traditional culture of aperitif with vermouth, (known here as vermut) has somewhat re-emerged. The art of vermouth drinking is something that really starts to mark the real days of summer. A simple glass traditionally accompanied with salty snack such as olives, becomes habitual during the hotter months.  Sitting on the terrace with a glass of vermouth, while relaxing in the sun is most definitely a delight. Let’s not forget that you can also visit a bodega and treat yourself to more than a drop straight from the tap. Can life get much better? Barcelona has an abundance of places to drink, so whether you prefer to sit in a traditional bar or somewhere more contemporary, below you will find a list of some our favorites.

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Moroccan delights at La Mamounia

When Moroccan food comes to mind, we conjure up images of tagines, slowly cooked stewed meat, fruits delicately mixed with meat dishes and refreshing mint tea to wash it all down with. La Mamounia offers just that and all with great hospitality. Located on Carrer de Valencia, opposite to LOFT212, you can’t help but stop by when walking post as it exudes elaborate Moroccan decadence. Lights stream the ceilings, traditional shoes are mounted on the main wall and the rich colors, candles and other delicate touches give sheer opulence.

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A Casa Portuguesa – home for Portuguese food lovers

If you are a fan of good home cooked Portuguese food, then you may already know about the ever charming A Casa Portuguesa. The owners already had a spot on Carrer Verdi, Gracia, where many frequented for coffee and delicious pastries. They have now upgraded by opening an additional space, this time a restaurant, winery and cultural reference point in the Eixample neighborhood.

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