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Barcelona Blog

It can all be a little overwhelming, the city may not be huge but the culture, activities, events, eateries etc. is vast. So we have taken it upon ourselves to amalgamate our local 12 years experience in the city via our blog. Whether you are planning on coming over for the festivals, want to find out vegan eats or general insider information, we will keep you in the loop.

Lip-smackingly good!


Eyescream and Friends Barcelona

We recently visited Eyescream and Friends in Barceloneta, an ice cream parlor dedicated to a a different style of ice cream – Taiwanese shaved ice made with Italian gelato. Joad López and Federico Mendoza are the founders of this little find, which was designed by Barcelona-based Estudio M. With it’s cute brand identity, here you can buy an assortment of ice-cream, otherwise known as sweet monsters that are adorned with candied eyes. It is easy to see why children get excited about this sweet stuff.
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Sweet sensations in Barcelona this Easter

If you are a lover of chocolate and the thing you look forward to the most is a Lindt or gourmet easter egg, this post is for you. When I first moved to Barcelona I remember going to supermarkets on the hunt for some chocolate Easter treats and coming back home rather disappointed. The selection was beyond boring, but I soon realised that this was because locals buy their treats from a pastisseria. Leading up to Semana Santa, you will find people walking around with a monstrosity that is almost the size of an infant child but is in fact a huge Easter egg, normally gift-wrapped to perfection.
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Argentinian amor at restaurant Morelia

Nestled in the street of Pl Comercial is a low lit restaurant that is hard to miss, Morelia. This Argentinian joint not only oozes sophistication but has impeccable customer service and a lively and fun atmosphere. Set in the Born district, it makes a great hub for those wanting to hang out afterwards with a plethora of bars surrounding the restaurant. The menu, although simple, has a variety of dishes that are delicious and well presented.
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Eat delicious calçots this spring

A calçot is a large green vegetable that belongs to the onion family, it looks somewhat like a leek and is not to be messed with during the Spring season here in Catalunya. Typically eaten with a romesco sauce (olive oil, hazel nuts, pine nuts, nora peppers, roasted garlic and roasted tomatoes), they are simply delicious – if you love your veg of course.

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We Pop – Barcelona’s new pop up restaurant

It seems that all we do these days at DestinationBCN is talk about food, if it isn’t churros, culinary initiatives like EatWith then it’s cool new restaurants like Llamber Taberna. We can’t help it, food is very much on the forefront of things here, there just seems to be more and more ventures, bars, restaurants and cafes opening in this mecca of a city. Our latest discovery is We Pop, the first pop up restaurant in Barcelona, which will open on March 1st offering delicious BBQ flavored dishes.

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Culinary concept EatWith in Barcelona

Fancy yourself as a good cook? Would love to entertain and get paid? Or perhaps you just love to eat out and meet different people. If so, we think you will be impressed with culinary concept EatWith, a dining experience that allows people to connect with the locals. So how does it work? Well it is all rather simple, you can either sign up to be a host and entertain your guests with your cooking skills or simply register as a guest, where you can select whose place you would like to eat in. Full information such as, menu, languages spoken and price are included so that you select which profiles suit your preferred taste.

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Lowdown on the churro

Churros are those crunchy simple sweet treats made from flour, water and salt that simply taste delicious. Now, much has been said about the churro when you look at it’s origin. Mexicans, will refer to it as their donut, whilst other countries claim it as their own. Regardless of what country it comes from, it is a naughty and tasty treat that shouldn’t be passed up whilst in Barcelona.

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Llamber Taberna Gastronómica – a culinary delight

Upon entering Llamber Taberna Gastronómica, a new restaurant on Carrer Fusin, you know that you are somewhere special. The break out area with tables and stools, ideal for a quick bite or just for drinks, is adjacent to the window that looks out on to the soon to be finished market. The space is much larger in reality, with it’s high ceilings, exposed brick walls. It was in fact a former  fruit and vegetables warehouse  and some of the original features have been preserved in the interior design. This includes the old doors that would’ve led to the large fridges and then there are shutters just above where the open plan kitchen takes center stage in the restaurant.

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What to expect on your plate this Christmas

If you are in Barcelona for Christmas and are curious to know what you can expect to eat during this season, we have taken the time to give you the mini low-down on what you can expect to see on your plate. Christmas Eve is when it all begins with many families serving a feast to kickstart festivities. In Catalalunya the dinner normally begins with Escudella i Carn d-Olla, a slow cooked, one pot stew with meat and vegetables. Escudella means bowl and refers to the soup that is eaten with large pasta shells that look similar to snail shells galets,  the meat from the soup is served afterwards as another dish.

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Gift Guide – Delicatessen del Mediterraneo

If you love natural products or are penchant to an olive, a visit to Olive Delicatessen del Mediterraneo is a must. Noted, it is a mouthful to say, but this little gem that sells the Mediterranean’s staple olive in all different products is located between El Born and La Barceloneta with high quality offerings. Stock include edible and beauty products, take for example the olive based vinagarettes and then there is of course the selection of olive oils, jams and other treats.

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