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Barcelona Blog

It can all be a little overwhelming, the city may not be huge but the culture, activities, events, eateries etc. is vast. So we have taken it upon ourselves to amalgamate our local 12 years experience in the city via our blog. Whether you are planning on coming over for the festivals, want to find out vegan eats or general insider information, we will keep you in the loop.

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Barcelona Insider: Barcelona Cooking

Barcelona is known for having fantastic gastronomy with new spots such as Pakta by Ferran Adrià and Cellar de Can Roca recently taking the title as best food restaurant in the world, it is no wonder that many want to try their hand at cooking and attend a cooking class when in Catalunya.

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Like tennis? Discover the best spots in Barcelona

If you are a fan of a bit of tennis and are keen to dust off that racket you have stowed away under your bed, Barcelona is a great city for a game. Many don’t know that the city offers quite a few tennis clubs and courts, so we thought we’d share the key ones with you.

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Travel Insider Interview – The Style Junkies

We had the pleasure of having a chat with Myrthe Strijbos the founder behind The Style Junkies, a luxury travel website with some serious WOW factor. To be honest, we have to fess up to a mild case of the green-eyed monster when it comes to Myrthe’s lifestyle, as she has the opportunity to travel the world and all in the name of work. This all of course makes for a great candidate to feature and question about the lowdowns on favorite haunts and experiences whilst globetrotting.

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Flowers, books and love on Sant Jordi

Sant Jordi Day is quite a Catalan affair that takes place here on 23rd April, where lovers celebrate their love and others proclaim their initial love for a special person. So it sounds rather like a Spanish equivalent of Valentine’s Day, but here is less about the cards and more about the chivalry honor, roses and the exchange of a book.

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Barcelona Insider – Barcelona Wedding

Seeing as today is officially the day of love we caught up with wedding planner Clare Doane from Barcelona Wedding to find out the team’s favorite things to do and see amongst other recommendations. Many people go ahead with weddings in Barcelona and just outside the city for it’s incredible gastronomy, scenic locations, stunning venues and climate. As Clare and her team work hard on ensuring that all details are arranged in order to create the best weddings possible for their clients it only makes sense that we pick their brains and discover their Barcelona.

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Roman Columns in Barcelona


Roman Columns of August Temple in Barcelona

Tucked away in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona you will find a hidden gem that reveals an impressive history. Upon entering the room which, is just down the tiny side street of Carrer Paradís, you almost question if you are in the wrong location. it isn’t until you take the stairs down to the right and gaze up, that you see the incredible columns that are more than 2000 years old. The well preserved 1st and 2nd century Corninthian Roman columns mark a great deal of history and remain near Plaça Jaume, a location that was once the heart of Roman Barcelona.

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AVE train connects Barcelona to Girona and Figueres

 Spain’s national train operator Renfe is ready to launch commercial services on the country’s newest high-speed line next week. Eight Madrid – Barcelona trains will be extended to Girona and Figueres via the AVE, near the French border from January 9th, plus an additional Barcelona – Figueres service.

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Girl skiing in Catalunya


Skiing spots near Barcelona

Barcelona is renowned for sun and sea, but there is more to the province than just that as may winter sports fans will know. Many popular ski resorts are open from the 6th December, which means it is time to clean those skis and and get to the nearest ski slope as soon as possible.

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Spa Aire Barcelona


Gift Guide – Spa treatment at Aire de Barcelona

We are very much in love with hamman spa Aire de Barcelona, having previously blogged about this gem of a spa in spring earlier this year. Not to be mistaken as a gift for the ladies as you will find both genders at this secluded haven. Select treatments personally for your loved one and then have it presented in a traditional gift box.

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Barcelona’s Christmas market – La Fira de Santa Llucía

Whilst many will tell romantic tales of idyllic christmas markets in places such as Prague and Berlin, Barcelona hosts the Fira de Santa Llucía fair – the charming Christmas market which initially started in 1786, that has now expanded to encompass over 300 stalls selling an array of handcrafted Catalan gifts and decorations. The majority of the stalls sell Christmas trees, decorations and mistletoe in addition to Catalan folk traditions such as the cago tio, which is a log with a smiley face and then there is the caganer, which are sculpture of people (now iconic and celebrities) squatting with the trousers down excreting and literally giving back to the earth.

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