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It can all be a little overwhelming, the city may not be huge but the culture, activities, events, eateries etc. is vast. So we have taken it upon ourselves to amalgamate our local 12 years experience in the city via our blog. Whether you are planning on coming over for the festivals, want to find out vegan eats or general insider information, we will keep you in the loop.

L’Eggs – the perfect place for egg lovers


L’Eggs – the perfect place for egg lovers

Eggs – we all know they are full of protein, are a key ingredient when it comes to a cooked breakfast and can be cooked in lots of different methods. Chicken eggs are the most popular, however you will find small gourmet quail eggs used in tapas dishes. It is interesting then, that Barcelona is now home to the first eggs restaurant L’Eggs, which is dedicated to a variety of dishes but mostly consisting of this dairy product. Why is it making a buzz? Well chef Paco Perez, famous for his avant-garde cooking style, is behind the concept.

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Exhibition – Gross Raw Love at LACONTRA

Sorry to remind you all, but Valentine’s day is this week Friday. We know, we know – red roses and boxes of chocolate overhaul but if you fancy doing something different, check out LACONTRA Centre de Creació i Difusió d’Art opens its new exhibition ‘Gross Raw Love’ (Amor Bruto).

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A master of American Hyperrealism – Don Eddy

Tomorrow sees the opening of new exhibition “A master of American Hyperrealism: Don Eddy” at the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM). Don Eddy is an American painter that is famous for his photorealist work, he is considered to be a maestro of hyperrealism itself among his peers. His earlier work in the 1960s was very much a part of a new concept where artists focussed more on immersing themselves and capturing the surrounding of their objects. He juxtaposes images that work in poetic relationship to one another, which Eddy refers to as connections of structure “echoing ecosystems” which anchor and join the panels together.

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Day trip from Barcelona – Girona and Costa Brava

Girona is a beautiful medieval town that charmingly connects the old quarters and new town. Many visit this part of Catalonia for it’s luscious green scapes where one can easily go cycling or hiking through the countryside. It is also a classic pitstop for those that intend to spend some time in the Costa Brava region to relax on sandy beaches and bask in the sun. It is also a fair medium if you wish to visit the Dalí museum in Figueres, a recommended trip whilst in Barcelona.

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Butifarring – new place in town for gourmet sandwiches

When walking around in Barcelona it isn’t hard to miss the surge of frankfurt places and hamburger joints (hamburgueserías) in the city. The average sausage place may not have had an ounce of cool factor when compared to its competitors but perhaps that is changing because  people tend to be partial for a sizzling sausage too. We recently wrote about Idò DO Balear, where you can buy succulent types from the Balearic islands and they are also popular during the calçotada season.

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Sundays just got fun! Zero Club Barcelona

If you follow us on Facebook, you will see that we quite like our Sundays. They consist of lazing around with a book in bed, going for brunch in one of many fabulous places in the city and long strolls in the winter sun. But if you really want to make the most of your weekend you can do so at Zero Club, which had their inauguration just last week.

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Beyond the rabbit food – vegetarian options in Barcelona

Let’s be honest, we don’t all like salads. Even the ones that do, often desire something a little creative every so often when selecting a healthy vegetarian option eating out. Believe it or not, even some of the team prefer to have an option rather than meat from time to time. More and more places are offering tasty salads with interesting ingredients and creative tapas. Here we have selected a few places that offer alternative vegetarian options other than your usual onion and goat cheese tart.

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Celebrating Three Kings in Spain

For those visiting Barcelona for the first time, you may not know that in Spain the tradition of the ‘Three Kings’ is in some cases more important than Christmas Day itself. Particularly for the children who have been patiently waiting throughout the Christmas period for the ‘Three Kings’ to arrive and bear gifts.  On the evening of 5 January the streets are busy with parades throughout Barcelona, with overly excited children and tired parents waiting for the kings to hand out sweets and greet everyone.


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Explore Barcelona’s Visual Culture at Exhibition – A Cop d’Ull

If you are visiting Barcelona and find yourself on the popular Las Ramblas, why don’t you venture off the busy promenade and check out exhibition A Cop d’Ull at La Virreina just by La Boqueria market. Much has been documented about the power of the image, the way it changes in it’s surroundings, how it is interpreted by people from different backgrounds, ages etc and how we translate visual discourse in general. This exhibition offers beautiful glimpses of Barcelona as far as the 1950s via a variety of visual means.


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Creative Cooking at Saboc in El Born

Much has been said about up and coming bars and restaurant in the Born neighborhood of Barcelona. When we heard that Saboc restaurant offered a menu with food cooked at different temperatures, we knew we had to find out more. Especially as the people behind the scenes are the same owners from it’s previous spot Bestiari. Find out more in our brief interview below:

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