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  • Barcelona’s Best Vegetarian Restaurants as recommended by DestinationBCN

    Until recently, Barcelona was a city that was hard to find decent vegetarian food in. The growing worldwide ‘wellness’ movement has inspired a series of other vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Barcelona. DestinationBCN explores some of Barcelona’s Best Vegetarian restaurants - from innovative slow-food movement specialists, vegan fast food, cosy cafes and sophisticated restaurants.
  • Barcelona’s Best Alfresco Bars

    Renowned for beautiful sunny days throughout the year, DestinationBCN offers up the coolest outdoor bars to sip an iced-coffee, cocktail or glass of Cava. From panoramic hotel rooftops to secluded wooded hide-aways, watch the people go about their business in the bustling plazas or admire the tropical plants in green sanctuaries...
  • Barcelona’s Best Chiringuitos

    Originally a beach shack serving drinks and a few snacks, the chiringuito (or xiringuito in Catalan) has evolved from its humble beginnings, but the essential experience remains the same - a bar or restaurant on the beach to have a cool drink and chill out in. DestinationBCN delves into Barcelona’s Best Chiringuitos.
  • Barcelona’s Best Gin Bars

    Discover Barcelona’s Best Gin Bars to sip in style. From secret speak-easys to sumptuous and clandestine saloons, DestinationBCN serves up the perfect list of bar recommendations.