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Barcelona is well known for having some of the world’s best food markets, with each city neighbourhood having its own special place where locals go to pick up fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood, local cheeses and olive oils. Often housed in impressive historic buildings they are worth a visit not only to pick up some local ingredients but also to admire the architecture and see the real life of Barcelona.


La Boqueria

The most famous of Barcelona’s food markets is La Boqueria, situated just off La Rambla. It dates back to the 1200’s and is something to behold. Housed in a large Neoclassical square with a modernist iron skeleton, the bustling market with beautifully displayed fruits, vegetables and culinary wares takes centre stage in many iconic pictures of Barcelona. Today you’ll find all manner of food sellers, as well as fast food stalls, cafes and restaurants – some of our favourites include Bar Pinotxo and Quim de la Boqueria. Keep your eyes open for botifarra – local Catalan sausages, wild mushrooms or Catalan ceps and refreshing fresh fruit smoothies.

Santa Caterina

Located just across the road from the Barcelona Cathedral (the Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica of Barcelona), this market stands out for its colourful, undulating roof, which was designed by architects Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue in 2005. Not as crowded or as touristy as La Boqueria, here you’ll be able to wander around with ease, browsing the beautiful mounds of cheeses, olives and seafood. There are also a number of nice cafes and restaurants located just outside.


Mercat de la Llibertat

Located in the trendy, Bohemian Gracia district, this is one of the best food markets north of the city centre. Designed in 1888 by Miguel Pascual, it’s a great example of Modernist architecture with its grand brick and iron structure. Here you’ll find around 40 mostly family-run stalls, selling a range of local products from jamón and turrón (like sweet nougat made from toasted nuts and honey) to fresh mussels.


Mercat del Ninot

Built as a fully functioning market back in 1892, Mercat del Ninot is located just a short walk north west of our Universitat apartments, making it an ideal option to visit. Recently re-opened after an extensive renovation project by Mateo Arquitectura, it is now has a sleek and modern interior, whilst still managing to retain its original impressive shape and grand roof structure. Filled with all manner of specialist shops, it also has a large modern supermarket downstairs.


Mercat Galvany

Located near our Marimon apartment, this unique market was built on a piece of land donated by Josep Castelló Galvany and was inaugurated in 1927. Built of iron and glass and surrounded by ornate brickwork, it was one of the city´s most important markets during the 19th century and is considered to be an artistic monument. Today, as well as the specialist food stalls, you´ll find a number of bars and restaurants and shops selling fresh flowers and perfume. The market is especially spectacular at Christmas, covered in decorations and home to a magnificent mounted crib.

Mercat Galveny - Markets in BarcelonaMercat Galveny


Mercat de Sarrià

Located in one of Barcelona´s most affluent neighbourhoods, the quaint stalls and produce in this market reflect its location. Designed by architects Arnau Calvet and Marcel·lí Coquillat, the origins of the market can be traced back to 1900. In 2007 it underwent a complete refurbishment, retaining its attractive red brick façade covered in original decorative designs and its 22 windows at the top that let natural light into the market below.


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